Crypto Airdrop — How To Get Legit Crypto Airdrops

What Is Crypto Airdrop?

Different Types Of Crypto Airdrop?

While the crypto airdrops simply mean an activity carried out by a crypto project — to give out their token (for free) to crypto enthusiasts that meet the project airdrop requirement, the crypto airdrop operates in different ways — which different crypto projects utilize to attract crypto enthusiast to their project.

Pre-Launch Airdrop

A pre-launch airdrop is a form of airdrop activity that's typically used by crypto projects — that's still in its infancy stage.

Bounty Program

The bounty program is an activity to earn free tokens that are not usually considered an airdrop, but in a real sense — it is.

Retroactive Airdrop

Retroactive airdrop is one of a kind of surprising and interesting way of distributing free tokens.

Crypto Airdrop Scams

As the airdrop is also sweet, it's often used to dupe loyal investors in the crypto space. Here is how it is done:

How To Get Legit Crypto Airdrop

Many crypto enthusiasts chase airdrop almost every day but getting a legit one has been the critical issue.

Final Thought

Crypto airdrop is an exciting way of making money in the crypto space — and also a way to lose it all to bad actors in the space. It has been a major catalyst in the crypto space since Uniswap rewarded its early users with their time



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