Dippies NFT - Is Dippies NFT Worth Buying?

Samson Olatinwo
5 min readMar 3, 2022


As the interest in NFT is growing rapidly and the NFT has been dominating every sector, many NFT projects have been developed and more have been in the development stage.

One of the new NFT projects is Dippies NFT, which claims to build an NFT project that could be categorized as one of the best NFT projects.

Regardless of their promises, in this article; we will be analyzing the potentiality of Dippies NFT. You must not miss reading this article if you've been eager to know if dippies NFT is worth buying.

I will also be giving you more insight into the details of the Dippies NFT project.

What Is Dippies NFT?

In every best NFT project, there must be a story or any sort of reality that inspires the development of the project. Before we explore what Dippies NFT is all about, let's understand the story behind the NFT project idea. I guess you're curious to know? Let's get on it right away;

When you picture a hippie, you likely envision a character that is stuck out of time. You picture woodstock, psychedelics, and flowers. In reality, hippies have been evolving over the years, and technology has been enabling a completely new era of hippies to take form. the digital hippie (Dippie).

Dippies are modern-day adaptations of hippies, with the same values. Ones that are more in touch with society, but who are still quietly carving their path. Rather than refusing to take part in the system, Dippies are building businesses to layer themselves out of the system. Rather than existing in small communities off the grid, Dippies are building global communities across the world. Rather than refusing the way things are, Dippies are changing the way things are, and many of them are using crypto to do it. Sticking it to the man has become building a new world rooted in decentralization.

According to the official website, the major goal when creating the Dippies collection was to commemorate the initial ideas of hippies that we all have while adding a modern flare. The team wanted to create characters that oozed originality and funk while inspiring you, the community to stand up and create a world you believe in.

When you rock a Dippie, you’re rocking rebellion, counter-culture, and freedom. You’re getting access to a connected community that is working together and throwing events for the new world. You’re rocking a character that represents the true free world being built before our eyes.

Dippies NFT Roadmap

Let's check out the Roadmap laid out by the Dippies team;


According to the team, they had a simple goal in mind when they first began Dippies; to adopt a community-first approach that holds a safe space for all members. The process is simple but efficient. Peace, love, and kindness toward others are a big part of who we are; they said.

That's why their main objective is built around “how much value can we bring to our community?”. As this is a community-driven project, they will be onboarding enthusiastic members of the community from day one. They also plan on hosting AMA’s, organizing events, and maintaining 100% transparency at all times.


As they began brainstorming a roadmap, they knew they wanted to create a sense of excitement and suspense by giving every member of their community something to look forward to.

According to them, If you mint the King/Queen Dippie (there are two of each) you will be sent 3 ETH straight to your wallet.

Phase Two - DippieDao

Community proposals to influence the future of DippieDAO. 5% of primary mint and 25% of all secondary market royalty will be put in the DippieDAO.

Owning a Dippie grant you access to vote on how the funds are used and the opportunity to apply for paid positions within the community. This would also ensure the long-term stability of the project. With the funds, the team can choose to donate to various hippie-related causes, empower their artist community, create a virtual Woodstock in the metaverse and so much more.

Phase Three - MERCH

Who wouldn’t want to flex their Dippie drip IRL? The community will create and vote on the merchandise they want to rock. All Dippie holders would be able to receive discounts on all items in the Dippie store as well.


The team said that as soon as they complete their launch, they will begin working on the next big thing; the vans! All dippies need a slick companion; what better than some vans to roam around in the metaverse.

The vans are claimable by all Dippie NFT holders 4-6 weeks after launch. With a 1:1 ratio. This means that if someone holds 10 Dippies, they could then claim 10 Vans. The Vans are for free so holders only have to pay for gas! The vans will have utility, likewise.


After Roadmap 1.0 Completion, they will release Roadmap 2.0 which will focus on various real-life utility aspects and metaverse opportunities.

Is Dippies NFT Worth Buying?

The value or potentiality of an NFT is justified and determined by its rarity, while what enhances the rarity of an NFT Is utility.

According to what the Dippies NFT team promised in their roadmap, we can see that Dippies NFT will be valuable as every holder will be getting so many incentives and premium services.

Dippies NFT might be worth buying if the team can deliver on the promise they made in their roadmap


Dippies NFT is a very new NFT project; hence, we can't guarantee the team commitment toward the project mission thus it might turn out to be a similar scam NFT project.

Regardless, the team has been securing partnerships in the NFT space which had resulted in their intention to make their promise come to reality.

However, this article is for informational purposes only, it shouldn't be considered investment advice.