Fairdesk Review – Is Fairdesk Exchange Reliable?

What Is Fairdesk?

Why Is Fairdesk A Good Cryptocurrency Exchange?

For a particular exchange to be considered the crypto exchange of choice for crypto traders and investors, it has to possess some fascinating features – which Fairdesk possesses:

Fairdesk Token (FDT)

FDT token is a crypto asset issued by the Fairdesk exchange which is used as a trading fee and also serves as a utility and governance token in the ecosystem

FDT Tokenomics

  • 2% — Early bird plan
  • 23% — of Private investors & Public investors
  • 55% — Trade Mining / Staking Rewards
  • 5% — Advisers (2-year lock)
  • 15% — Team (2-year lock)

Why Is FDT The Next Crypto Gem?

The first thing to understand is that finding the next gem in the crypto world requires in-depth research.

How To Get FDT Token

FDT Token Price Prediction

The FDT total supply is 200,000,000 FDT only, looking into the token tokenomics, the price prediction for FDT is $5 – $10.

Closing Thought

Fairdesk will become the next big cryptocurrency exchange in the world because it’s founded by an experienced team who have worked in Binance exchange and Morgan Stanley.



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