Leslar Metaverse Review – Is Leslar Metaverse Token A Good Investment

What Is Leslar Metaverse?

Leslar Metaverse Token

Leslar metaverse token “LESLAR” is a cryptocurrency minted/created on the BNB Smartchain with a total supply of 1000,000,000,000 LESLAR. It is the utility token of the Leslar metaverse that will be used for the transaction that occurs in the LESLAR Metaverse.


Below is the roadmap of the Leslar metaverse project in four different phases.

Is Leslar Metaverse Token A Good Investment?

Just like every other project at an early stage, we cannot conclude if the project utility token is a good investment as it has not stood the test of time.


The main purpose of Leslar metaverse project is to educate and introduce the digital world to Indonesian citizens. With a community that the founder already has, Leslar metaverse claims to be the first largest destination in the world of metaverse from Indonesia to the world.



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