Luna 2.0 Airdrop – How To Get Luna 2.0 Airdrop

What Is Terra (LUNA)?

Luna 2.0 Launch Date

The Luna 2.0 launch date is expected to be on May 27, the new chain may probably go live on that date – as that’s also the genesis block of the previous (old) Luna.

Luna 2.0 Airdrop

Just as the plan to make the new chain a community-driven ecosystem, all the 1 billion new Luna 2.0 tokens will be airdropped to the old chain investors that got affected by the massive crash of Luna and UST.

How To Get Luna 2.0 Airdrop

According to the recovery plan, all UST and Luna investors can get the Luna 2.0 airdrop; the new token will be all sent to their wallets – and those who are qualified to receive the token are as follows:

  • Post-attack Luna holders: 10%
  • Pre-attack aUST holders: 10%
  • Post-attack UST holders: 15%
  • Community Pool: 30% (with 10% for developers).

Final Thought

Even though some of the community are not pleased with this recovery plan, it seems to be the major step to take to end the Luna crisis as many of the Luna validators have approved the proposal.



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