Luna Price Prediction — Bullish Or Bearish?

What Is Luna 2.0?

Luna 2.0 as its name implies; is the new version of the old Luna ecosystem.

Luna Price Prediction

Terra Luna Airdrop

Now that the old chain has been abandoned, the old Luna & UST holders; after and before the crashes — will be getting the new token (Luna 2.0) as an airdrop according to the airdrop snapshot.

Luna Airdrop Calculator

According to the Terra Luna airdrop plan, Luna 2.0 airdrop to Pre-attack Luna holder is in a ratio of 1:1 while Pre-attack UST investors in a ratio of 1:0:033.

Luna 2.0 Price Prediction

Let's analyze the Luna price – in the preattack holder case scenario.


There might be a bullish move on the new Luna token because the Terra Luna airdrop beneficiary will only be getting 30% of the total airdrop at the launch of the new chain while the remaining will be on a 2 year vesting period.



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