SuperEx Exchange Review – Is SuperEx Exchange Reliable?

What Is SuperEx Exchange?

SuperEx Exchange Review

SuperEx exchange came up with a slight decentralization approach by introducing a decentralized wallet within the exchange app – where users can store their crypto assets without the interference of a third party – users can create the decentralized wallet within the app and have the private key without anybody control over it.

SuperEx Login

To log in to SuperEx exchange app, you need to firstly sign up on the SuperEx exchange, which is simple – aspiring users can register an account with the exchange in just 3 minutes.

SuperEx Token (ET)

SuperEx exchange utility token is ET – that’s issued by the SuperEx exchange team to allow holders of the token to enjoy low trading fees and exclusive right to the exchange platform. It has a 1 billion token supply.

SuperEx ET Airdrop

Closing Thought

SuperEx exchange came with a great idea to create a centralized exchange – that also has a decentralized wallet integrated into it.



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